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Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover

Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover

Rather than doing a regular gift guide, I wanted the help of my best friends to come up with specialized gift guides. Since I started this blog I knew I needed my best friend, Ava, to be my beauty expert. I'm fully capable of doing my own make-up, but Ava is my go-to-girl for product recommendations, tips and general beauty questions. I asked Ava to help with my gift guides and she was immediately on board. It only made sense for her to make a beauty lovers gift guide. She’s currently abroad (and I’m very sad about it) but when she’s back in January I'm hoping to encorporate more beauty onto the blog. If there are specific beauty posts - hair tutorials, make-up guides, etc. that you want to see on the blog, let me know so we can start working on them! In the meantime, if you have a friend like Ava in your life, here are her best suggestions on what to get them this holiday season.


L’Occitane Ornament Gift - This is a gorgeous way to treat your friend who’s on the go! It has three mini classic L’Occitane products, a hand lotion, a body lotion, and a travel sized bar of soap, all packaged in an adorable little holiday ornament. There’s nothing better on a long flight than a really nice hand lotion. Trust me on this one.

BH Cosmetics Bronze Paradise Palette - BH Cosmetics is one of the most underrated brands in the beauty world. This palette has 9 eyeshadows, a highlighter, and a bronzer, highly pigmented, rave reviews, and is only $7.19 on sale?? It’s all bronze and gold with one gorgeous turquoise shade, so get it for your friend who wishes it was 80 and sunny year-round.


Kat Von D Smoke and Mirrors Grayscale Mini Lip Duo I don’t know about you, but I LIVE for the touch-me-without-permission-and-I’ll-break-your-arm aesthetic. And no one, NO ONE does that better than Kat Von D. This Mini Lip Duo contains a dark, stone gray mini and a lighter, periwinkle gray, to be used separately or together for an ombre effect. The formula of Kat’s liquid lipsticks is practically permanent and they’re perfect for an edgier, more adventurous look.

Sephora Head to Toes! Mask Set - Do you ever spend way too much time obsessing over skincare when you should probably be focusing on creating other healthy habits in your life? Me too! I don't intend on changing that anytime soon and if you (or your friend) is the same way, this is the perfect gift! Give them this set of face, hand, eye, lip, and foot masks so that they can indulge that just a little longer.


Tarte Brush Set - Perfect for the friend who’s looking to commit a little more to their beauty habit. A gorgeous set of brushes from Tarte is perfect for the friend who wouldn’t buy a more upscale makeup item for themselves, but it’s a great way to kick of a real beauty obsession. They’re beautiful, cruelty-free, limited edition, and a few brushes everyone could use an extra of.

Highlighter is a trend staple right now, and frankly, who doesn’t deserve to glow like the goddess they are? ABH’s Glow Kits are hits in the beauty world, super pigmented, wet or dry use, and I love this one for the colors. I am, what one might call, ~extra~, and if you have a friend like me, this is a great palette for them to play around with a more creative holiday look!


Buxom Lips Off Leash - Buxom comes out with a collection of minis for the holiday every year, and I buy it. Every. Year. With 15 colors, two different finishes, and a gorgeous subtle plumping effect, this set is the perfect gift for the girl who prefers her night out twirling around the dance floor with bat-worthy eyelashes and a shorter hemline.

Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda - We all know that one girl. That one insanely put together, intimidatingly ambitious, Betty-Cooper-meets-Veronica-Lodge kickass babe (for me she’s the one who runs this blog). Here’s your present for her. A 24 shadow palette with a highlighter, blush, bronzer, mascara, and lipstick, this gift is as glam as it is efficient. The kicker? It comes with a year-long planner with different beauty looks each month and how to create them!

UNDER $100

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium - This is the perfume to end all perfumes. YSL Black Opium is an indescribably addictive scent of coffee and vanilla with white flowers, and this gift set also contains a YSL lipstick mini and a YSL mascara mini! Nothing adds a touch of luxury to someone’s day like spritzing on an expensive perfume, and it’s an incredibly thoughtful gift for the person you know who doesn’t treat themselves enough. And hey, if you decide to keep it for yourself, I won’t tell.

Shower Me with Lush Wrapped Gift - I am ADDICTED to Lush. I love baths. I love smelling nice. I love glitter. BUT there are people who don’t like two out of those three things (I’m assuming everyone likes to smell nice). This Lush gift is packed full of products that are shower-friendly, glitter-free, and has scents for every taste.  

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