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Gift Guide for the Girl who has Everything

Gift Guide for the Girl who has Everything

Now that Thanksgiving has passed I can finally obsess over Christmas in New York without being told “it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!” Besides the decorations, holiday spirit and snow, I love the holidays because I really enjoy picking out gifts for friends and family. Although I enjoy it, not everyone does, and even if you do, we all have that one friend who’s insanely difficult to shop for. I have a feeling I’m sometimes that girl so if you have a friend like me, this guide is for you.

Under $25

DryBar On the Rocks - If you’re looking for something small, this is perfect for the girl who loves to pamper herself. If you’re looking to spend more there’s also a texture toolkit, and the complete bundle, which includes a blow dryer, straightener and brush, along with some products. 

Kate Spade "All in Good Taste" - If you have a friend who’s a soon to be or recent graduate this book is a great gift. It’s all about entertaining and it looks great on a coffee table. 

Pinch Provisions kit - Pinch Provisions are amazing kits for the girl on the go. They’re teeny tiny and have a little bit of everything in them so you have anything you could ever need in case of an emergency! They come in different colors and with different themes but I love the classic minimergency kit in this very seasonal black glitter. 

Stationary - You can’t go wrong with pretty  monogrammed stationary. It’s cute, useful and doesn’t go bad or out of style. I love the gold dots on the bottom of these cards, but Paper Source has a ton of cute options if these aren't your favorite!  

Under $50

Sugarfina Faves - I LOVE Sugarfina candy. It’s so yummy and so different from what you can get at a normal candy store. Since it’s way too expensive to eat on the reg, it makes a great gift. This sampler set is perfect if you don’t know what kind of candy they’d prefer because it gives them a little bit of everything. If you want to go for the classic boxes the peach bellini and champagne bears are my personal favorites, and you can find both together in this 'But First, Cocktails' box. 

Fringe Scarf - If there’s a such thing as a scarf of the season, this is it. I see if every time I scroll through my Instagram feed and have seen so many bloggers rave about it. 


Kendra Scott Bracelet - I generally try to avoid gifting jewelry but I love how delicate this bracelet is. Its an easy addition to any jewelry she already wears or looks cute and simple on its own. It’s also adjustable so you don’t have to worry too much about size! If she’s not a big bracelet wearer, I love the classic Kendra Scott necklaces as well. 

Mini Polaroid Camera - My best friend Leah (who’s an amazing photographer who's website and Facebook page you should definitely check out) got me a Polaroid camera for my birthday one year and it was a perfect present. It’s something I’d never think to buy for myself but it’s so fun to take pictures with on special occasions or when I’m hanging out with friends. 

OVER $75

Star Sweats: I originally wanted to put a pair of pajamas on this gift guide but was too indecisive to pick a pair. I finally settled on these sweatpants because loungewear is pretty hard to mess up. I haven’t bought sweatpants in probably 4 years but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them.  Upgrade your friend to these super cute and comfy star sweatpants. 

Patagonia 1/4 Zip: This Patagonia was also in my 10 under $100 for November because it’s a fall/winter staple. Every time I see someone wearing one I want it more and more, especially because you can wear it indoors like a sweatshirt if you're cold, but its heavy enough to be a light jacket on nicer days. I don’t have one yet but when I get one you can bet I won’t be taking it off. 

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