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Valentine's Gifts for Your Favorite Gals

Valentine's Gifts for Your Favorite Gals

I feel like we need to cut Valentine’s Day some slack. I understand why people aren’t crazy about it and it’s certainly not my favorite holiday, but I love seeing red and pink everywhere, especially in the dead of winter, and you can’t complain about half priced chocolate on February 15th. Valentine’s Day is also a great time to remind your friends how much you love and appreciate them! While people go all out for Christmas, Valentines (or Galentine’s) Day is the perfect time to get them something small. I rounded up some of my favorite gifts under $40 for the gals in your life. 

Under $10

Sugarfina Cube // Sugarfina is my weakness. Seriously, it’s dangerous. I understand how ridiculous $10 for a small cube of candy sounds, but once you try them you’ll be hooked. Peach Bellini is one of my all-time favorites but you really can’t go wrong, especially if you’re choosing a gummy candy.

Heart Sunglasses // Heart-shaped sunglasses always remind me of Taylor Swift’s “22” but I think they’re so fun. These are a thicker plastic frame but you can step it up with an aviator style, like these, these or these.

Popsocket // I feel like I'm the only person at my school who doesn’t have a Popsocket on their phone. I understand why people love them, but I feel like it would just give me more reason to play with my phone. If I WAS going to get one I think the avocados over light pink would make my top three. 

Heart Mug // There’s nothing I miss more than Target. They just opened one in Herald Square in New York City, but the closest one to me in DC is teeny tiny and just makes me miss my suburban New Jersey Target. It had everything and anything so it was no surprise to me that online Target had cute heart-themed pieces for Valentine’s Day. I love how simple this mug is because you can use it all year round without feeling like it’s seasonally inappropriate.

Under $25

Sugar Tinted Lip // I went to Sephora the other day and was shocked to see how many colors Sugar now makes. When I bought my first chapstick a few years ago they maximum five different colors and now they take up an entire endcap! I’m not surprised they took off because their product is amazing! I love the classic Rose color because it’s such a light tint that you don’t have to worry about it leaving weird traces of color as it wears throughout the day. It’s also incredibly easy to apply (just like chapstick!) and feels great.

NARS Lip Duo // While the Sugar Tinted Lip is super easy to apply, NARS definitely takes a little bit more practice, but their colors are amazing. I got a sample of this product in their Starwoman color and it’s amazing. I wore it for this post, and I love this set because they’re SO cheap for NARS! It’s definitely a deal you don’t want to pass up, whether for a friend or for yourself!

·Tassel Earrings // I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Francesca’s is my favorite for accessories. They sell so many options and they’re so affordable that if you get bored of the color or the style it’s not a big deal! I love how bright these are but what really gets me is the drusy circles on top!

Lush Wrapped Gift // Lush is amazing for gifts because they come wrapped – no packaging necessary! I love this gift specifically because of the Ro’s Argan. It’s an in-shower moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling so soft without the added step of applying moisturizer after the shower. I will say it does leave a little bit of a waxy feeling, even after rinsing off, but it absorbs into your skin so don’t let that turn you off from it.

Mini Polaroid Frame Phone Case // I got a mini polaroid camera from a friend a few years ago and while it’s fun in the moment, I tend to leave the pictures in an album and don’t think about them or look at them most of the time. I love this phone case because you can swap out your favorite pictures and carry them with you all the time!

Crown Bottle Stop // If you’re spending Galentine’s Day drinking wine with your friends you probably won’t need a bottle stopper but it makes a great gift for a friend if they don’t have you around to help them finish the bottle!

Under $40

Swell Bottle // If you don’t already own a Swell bottle, what are you waiting for?? Are they expensive? Yes. Are they totally worth it? Also yes. I’ve already raved about how much I love them in my Gift Guide for the Guys and Travel Essentials posts so if you still need some convincing give those a read!

She Believed She Could so She Did Cuff // If you’re shopping for a friend, earrings can be tricky if you don’t know for sure if their ears are pierced, but bracelets are a lot easier, all you have to do is pick a material! I personally really like the gold but there are also rose gold and silver options!

Blanket // I already know my future home is going to have multiple blankets in every room. I would rather be cold with a blanket than comfortable any day. I think the bright red is great for Valentine's Day but I also love the Pink Brick! 

Sephora Favorites // If you have a friend who’s picky about their beauty products this gift is perfect. They can test out a couple of different products, including one of my favorites (the DryBar one)

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