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Monday Musings

Monday Musings


I hope you’ve missed Monday Musings because I definitely have. I didn’t want to bring the series back until I found things I was really passionate enough about to mention. I guess it’s been a good couple of weeks for finding new favorites because the time for a revival has finally come. Two beauty features, two truly amazing NYC spots and of course one fashion piece. Here’s what I’ve been absolutely loving lately. 

Lash Paradise Mascara Primer

Once I started using L’Oreal’s Lash Paradise mascara over the summer there was no turning back. It’s been one of my favorite mascaras to date and you can’t beat the price tag. That being said, my eyelashes still needed something. I’d been sold on the benefits of a primer before but hadn’t used one in a while and my eyelashes showed it. They weren’t as even or full as they used to be so I decided it was time to start using a primer again. L’Oreal makes a great option (in millennial pink, of course) as part of their Lash Paradise line. It’s under $10 and I’ve been loving it so far. My mascara doesn’t flake throughout the day and comes off without damaging my natural lashes. 

L’Oreal also just released a brown black color of it’s Lash Paradise that goes better with my features for more casual looks. I now have three different versions of Lash Paradise and together they’re about the same cost as a single high end mascara. I’m all about high quality makeup but if you’re looking for somewhere to cut costs drugstore mascara is a great place to start. 

Chanel Beauty Atelier

If you watch my Instagram stories you’ll know I’ve been here the past three weekends and have no shame in admitting it. This place is amazing. It’s a clean and easy way to try on any and all of Chanel’s beauty products from skin cleansers to lipstick. Each station is set up with a full array of products and individual applicators for mascara and clean brushes for product application. Beyond the make-up, my favorite part of this shopping experience is the fragrance lab. It’s set up in a private room where you get to sample all of their fragrances at once with no packaging or branding so when you pick your top three fragrances you’re not influenced by anything other than your nose. When we brought my grandma, who had worn Chanel No. 5 for a large part of her life, she managed to blindly pick three different variations of No. 5. I did the fragrance experience twice and picked Bleu de Chanel (branded as men’s cologne) twice. 

The store has the feel of a luxury pop up but it’s permanent and the point of purchase isn’t limited to the store, making it super accessible. Once you know your favorite products, colors, etc. you can buy from anywhere Chanel beauty is sold and all of your favorites are saved on a website for easy reference. They also offer makeovers and makeup lessons for a more hands-on experience. 

Girls Night Out

When my friend Lily came to visit me in the city she was in dire need of a girls night. Rather than the typical movies and wine we got dressed up and headed uptown to Bemelman’s at the Carlyle Hotel. Situated off the lobby and not to be confused with Cafe Carlyle, Bemelman’s is named after the creator of Madeline and the walls are illustrated with drawings of her. We went on a Saturday night and it was not your typical hotel bar. A live band played classics like Frank Sinatra‘s “New York, New York” and “Fly Me to the Moon” while we sipped cocktails and gossiped, feeling like we belonged in an episode of Sex in the City. There’s a cover charge and drinks are not cheap but if you’re looking for a different kind of night out with your girls or an excuse to get a little dressed up, Bemelman’s is your place. 

Royal Palms Shuffleboard

I can’t believe I almost forgot this one! If you watch my Instagram stories you already know I took the subway out to Brooklyn the other weekend to go to Royal Palms with a few friends. We had the most amazing time. Essentially you show up, put your name down for a shuffleboard court, then hang out while you wait. There’s a food truck, a great beer selection and an extensive board game collection. We almost had more fun hanging out and waiting than we did playing shuffleboard. If you don’t know how to play have no fear, they give you a full crash course when you’re assigned a court. Still not sold? If a good pic for the ‘gram sways you there’s amazing flamingo wallpaper in the bathroom and fun photo ops throughout. It’s a perfect rainy day activity or something new to try if you’re a local and bored with your weekend routine. 

 Bandana Hairstyles

If there’s one thing I use Pinterest for more than anything else it’s how to style products I already own. Rather than searching “street style” or vague terms that leave me thinking I need an entirely wardrobe I’ll search something more specific like “how to style a bandana” and voila! A million and one ideas on how to wear something I already have. I styled mine most recently in a half pony but I love it with a full pony or a bun too. 

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