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Gift Guide for the Guys

Gift Guide for the Guys

I think we can all agree that guys can be incredibly difficult to shop for. I’ve found that they like to receive things they wouldn’t typically buy for themselves, which usually means what they want tends to be expensive. I actually love shopping for presents and this ended up being my biggest gift guide of the season. I tried to find as many cheap gifts as I could that were things guys would actually want, but had to include a few pricier items as well.

Under $50

Beer glasses // To make this gift guide the best it could possibly be, I did a lot of outsourcing and asked my guy friends what they’d actually want that was under $50. One of my friends sent me these beer glasses and I thought they were so funny. They say “beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” On the same website, I also found classes that have maps of college towns on them which are so fun for college alum. 

Key fob // The first year we were together I had no idea what to get my boyfriend, Max, for his birthday. I ended up getting him a Smathers and Branson key fob with a South Carolina Gamecock on it and he’s been using it for the past 3 years. They’re under $30, come in a ton of designs, and are a gift he’ll actually use all the time.

Baseball Hat // Most of my inspiration for this post was things I’ve gotten Max or things Max has gotten himself. He really wanted this Lululemon hat but didn’t want to spend the money on it. In October I got a 20% off coupon and he decided to splurge on it. If your guy is super picky or not into brands, it makes a great gift!

S'well // Another Max purchase. Max knew I loved my Swell bottles and decided to get himself one. He ended up totally understanding the hype and loves his too. They’re totally affordable as a gift but something I could see guys not wanting to pay for on their own!

Chromecast // This is a perfect gift for college guys. We had one in our apartment when I was in Indiana and it’s great because you don’t need cable, just a TV and you can broadcast any of your shows from Netflix, Hulu or games you can watch on your phone to a bigger screen.

Leather wallet and money clip // I’m honestly shocked this gift is under $50. I found it on the Tuckernuck website and love the engraving on the outside. A very affordable version of a wallet if you were thinking of going that route!

Under $150

Wireless headphones // I think these are #1 on Max’s wish list this year. They’re especially great for anyone who goes to the gym a lot or really just hates wires. He has the regular Bose earbuds and loves them, they’re the only headphones I’ve ever seen him use.

Vineyard Vines sweatshirt // When I was working at vineyard vines, I got this for both my brother and Max and ended up getting a second one for my brother in another color because he loved it so much. They’re so comfortable and generally just great sweatshirts and a great present, especially if he already has a Patagonia fleece! (If he doesn’t, that’s also a great gift idea!)

Bose Speaker // Another great gift for college guys, you can’t go wrong with a good speaker. They’re portable and great for apartments, parties or anywhere else he might be headed!

Ugg slippers // Slippers, especially luxury slippers, are an amazing gift because they’re something he’ll wear all the time but would never buy for himself. They're topping my list of ideas for Max for this year! 

Allbirds // When I was asking my friends about what to put on this gift guide, one of my friends was wearing these sneakers and told me they were the most comfortable thing he owned. They’re entirely made of wool and perfect for the winter. If you don’t believe me, Carly has raved about them in her gift guides before! 

Shinola card case // I had to include something from Shinola because it’s my dad’s favorite brand right now. He loves how high quality all of the leather goods are, and they’re all American made. The card case is one of the cheapest gifts on their site at $150, but they’re perfect for a dad, husband or someone you really want to treat.

Over $150

Clubmasters // In my search, I asked Max’s roommate what he wanted for Christmas this year and he told me about a $400 pair of sunglasses. These are a little bit less than that at just over $150, but still make a great present!

Daniel Wellington Watch // In the past, I’ve also gotten Max a nice leather band watch for his birthday. It’s a great gift because it’s something they’ll be grateful for when they go to their first job and job interviews. Honestly, all guys should have at least one good watch.


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