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Where to Eat in London

Where to Eat in London

I’m by no means a food expert and definitely not a food photographer, but I did eat at some pretty amazing restaurants in London.

Fusion - Freak Scene

I have never liked mushrooms. I wasn’t a fan of the texture so I’d just pick around them if they were in my food. I’ve been trying to be less of a picky eater lately so when my cousin ordered mushrooms at Freak Scene I tried them. He converted me. They were cooked in foil in garlic and were the best mushrooms I’ve ever had. If mushrooms aren’t indicator enough of what Freak Scene is capable of, the pork belly lettuce wraps and miso grilled aubergine (eggplant) are also amazing.  

Dim Sum - Din Tai Fung or Yauachata 

In the weeks leading up to my trip to London, my best friend kept telling me there was this amazing Dim Sum place we HAD to try. As it got closer, we realized it wasn’t opening up until a few days AFTER I left, so I haven’t personally been to Din Tai Fung but I’ve heard amazing things so I’m keeping it on the list. If you’re looking for even more Dim Sum, while I was there we ate a measly 11 plates at Yauachata. Definitely order the dragon tea, soup dumplings, and truffle dumplings, but the classic vegetable and chicken dumplings were also great.

Greek - OPSO 

I’ve never been to Greece, but OPSO is the best Greek food I have ever had. I would go back to London just to go back to OPSO. Go for brunch and get the peanut butter banana French toast, then go back for dinner and get the pita and tzatziki. 


Afternoon Tea - Sketch

If you watch my Instagram stories you probably saw me rave about Sketch. Christmas afternoon tea included all the tea you could drink and finger sandwiches you could eat, ballerinas and live music. It was so different than anything I’ve experienced before and I loved spending an hour and a half sipping and spilling the tea. 


Indian - Dishoom 

This is another restaurant I didn’t actually try but I’ve heard only amazing things. If you like Indian food, definitely try Dishoom. 

Drinks - Dandelyon/Night Jar 

If you can make it to Dandyon before it closes, go!! I tend to get hung up on individual menu items and will get thrown off by one ingredient I don’t know or don’t like. At Dandelyon the bartenders and waiters had such an extensive knowledge of the drinks and flavors they were able to give amazing recommendations. I had a version of a whiskey sour that was unbelievable. No wonder it was named best bar in the world. 

We also had drinks at a speakeasy called Night Jar. Another extensive, cool, drink menu and great live music - it’s a perfect spot for a relaxed night with friends, a romantic date night, or if you want to end your trip to England with a “London Mule.”

Tell me what I should try next time I visit London!

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